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Document number: 23330872
Release: Apr 14, 2015 15:45
Document version: 3
This document has sections that require an OBP421 customer login

If you have a connectBlue OBP421 customer login please login with your user name and password by clicking the login/logout button available in the menu next to the search field at the top of this page.

To get access the OBP421 Development Kit cB-WDK-12-A must be purchased and the OBP421 SLA must be signed. For more information please contact a connectBlue sales representative.

You are currently not logged in as OBP421 customer and some sections are thus hidden


The OBP421 SDK enables the development of customer applications on the OBS421 module. When custom application is embedded in the OBS421 module the module is referred to as OBP421. To get access to this software the OBP421 Development kit cB-WDK-12-A must be purchased and the cB-OBP421 Software license agreement (SLA) must be signed and sent to connectBlue.

The following modules are supported:

  • cB-OBS421i-24
  • cB-OBS421i-26
  • cB-OBS421x-24
  • cB-OBS421x-26

If you experience problems with your cB-OBP421 platform please fill out an anomaly report and email it to


  • OBP421 sample projects with build files and source code for the cB-OBP421 target.
  • Subset of the connectBlue Serial Port Adapter (SPA) application for easy Bluetooth handling and AT command execution. Delivered as object code and header files.
  • connectBlue Embedded Bluetooth Stack BT 4.0
    • Object code or library for the cB-OBP421 target
    • Header files
    • For details of stack configuration see the cB-OBP421 Getting Started document
  • connectBlue Run-Time Support Library (RTSL) as source code for the cB-OBP421 target. A virtual operating system is included.
  • ST STM32 Firmware Library as source code (also freely downloadable from the ST web site).
  • The pre-built GCC tool chain for ARM processors from Code Sourcery is used for the cB-OBP421 Bluetooth stack and OBP421 Sample projects. See cB-OBP421 Getting Started for details.
  • Additional tools needed to build, such as make, sed and rm, are included in the delivery.

Version 4.1.0

ZIP Archive



Login to download


Known Limitations and Notes

Future Work

The platform today uses the ST Firmware library version 1.0, which is not the latest one. The platform may eventually be updated to the latest version and this will mean some changes in the ST Firmware library API.

Furthermore, a future platform release may also mean updating the GNU compiler suite to a newer version.


Firmware Binary



 v4.0.1Updated TI radio patch to SP 1.0(rev B)


  • First official release.
  • Support for EN 300 328 v1.8.1(for rev B)