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Release: Jun 02, 2015 14:51
Document version: 4
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Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter™ firmware, cB-2220, with Wireless Multidrop™ and Extended Data Mode support (up to 7 simultaneous Bluetooth connections). It also contains built in support for the Apple iAP1 and iAP2 Protocols.

Please note that due to licensing requirements by Apple there are a number of terms and conditions that must be fulfilled to be able to buy a module with this firmware. See Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter Compatibility iPhone, iPad and iPod Ver 2 documents for details.

The firmware is valid for the following Serial Port Adapter™ models:

  • OBS421i-iz, OBS421x-iz, where z is 4 or 6.

This firmware supports connections to iPod touch / iPhone / iPad

To download and/or use this firmware an active Apple MFi approval is required. Please login with your connectBlue MFi member login to get access to the firmware.

If you do not require support for connections to iPod touch / iPhone / iPad please use the cB-OBS421 Dual Mode Firmware instead (no MFi approval or login required).

If you experience problems with your Serial Port Adapter™ please fill out an anomaly report and email it to

Version 5.1.1