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Document Revision
Document number: 4128782
Release: Nov 15, 2013 16:05
Document version: 16


Toolbox for the connectBlue Serial Port Adapter™ models.

This document is valid for the following Serial Port Adapter™ models:

Supported active products

  • cB-OBI411
  • cB-OBS410
  • cB-OBS411
  • cB-OBS414
  • cB-OBS418
  • cB-OBS419
  • cB-OBS421
  • cB-OBS433
  • cB-OLS425
  • cB-OLS426
  • cB-OWS451
  • cB-OZS311
  • cB-RBS433
  • cB-RZS311s

Supported end-of-life products

  • Bluetooth IO
  • Bluetooth I2C Bus Adapter
  • cB-OEMSPA310
  • cB-OEMSPA311
  • cB-OEMSPA331
  • cB-OEMSPA312
  • cB-OEMSPA332
  • cB-OEMSPA333
  • cB-OWSPA311g
  • cB-RSPA333s
  • cB-RWSPA311gs
  • cB-SPA312i
  • cB-WSPA311gi



If you experience problems with your Toolbox please fill out an anomaly report and email it to

To download the latest firmware, documentation etc. please register for a support account at


.NET 2.0

To run the connectBlue Toolbox, .NET Framework v2.0 must be installed on your computer.
It can be downloaded from


The Toolbox can, by default, not be run over a network for .NET security reasons. To do this, the security level for the requested zone (e.g. local intranet) must be changed to "Full Trust". This can be done using an administrative program called Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration. It is recommended that it is not changed without consulting your IT administrator.


When the Toolbox is run the first time it creates a Toolbox.ini file in the same directory as the Toolbox.exe file. If the user does not have full access to that directory, the file is not created. This means that the Toolbox will always be started with default settings and not the previously used settings.

Version 4.8

Setup Executable




Setup Toolbox (cB-2138-20).zip



Version 4.8
BT: Cleanup BLE tab
BT: Cleanup feature bits
WLAN: Added EAP-TLS AT-Commands (updated AT*AGAM and added AT*AGCERT).
WLAN: Added description for S-Registers.
WLAN: Changed the name Managed to Infrastructure (AT*AGOM).
WLAN: Updated Channel List command (AT*AGCL), not possible to change the channel list from the Toolbox.
WLAN: Bugfix in Scan (AT*AGSCAN?), causing the function to timeout if very many scan results was received.
All: Menu Test changed name to Tools, will add shortcuts to connectBlue flashloader software, if they are installed.
All: New functions added in performance tool, like stop data transfer after a specific time.

Known Limitations and Notes

There are currently no known limitations.





4.7 4913.17045Version 4.7
BT: Modified feature mask bits in optimization tab.
BT: Added new tab "BLE optimization"
for cB-OLS425/426, with AT*AMDS2 and AT*AMPSF.



Version 4.6
BT: Modifications and additions for Bluetooth Low Energy:

  • Replaced AT*ALE with AT*AGLE, including central/peripheral role.
  • AT*ADDSP and AT*ADDCP has only one Low Energy profile, 14. Profile 15 is obsolete.
  • AT*AMDS2 command for cB-OLS425/426 is added to the Misc tab.
  • S-Register additions for Scan Window, Scan Interval and Always Connected Timeout are added.
4.54727.25867Version 4.5
BT: Added support for Bluetooth Low Energy




4603.26155Version 4.4
All: Added a performance tool to measure throughput in the "Test" menu.
BT: Added some new feature mask bits in the optimization tab.
BT: Added configuration command for Device Identification service (AT*ADDIP) in the server tab.
WLAN: Added file storage tab.
WLAN: Split link and security tabs.



Official version 4.3 Release
BT: Added feature bit to enable Windows 7 authentication work-around for Feature Bit Mask command in Optimization tab.
BT: Added iPhone Enable command (AT*ADIPE) in the Smartphone tab.
BT: Re-definition of RF certification parameters of the iPhone Settings command (AT*ADIPS) in the Smartphone tab. Parameters now apply to "MFi Accessory Firmware Specification R43".



Official version 4.2 Release
All: In Save Configuration the Date, Address, Hardware and Firmware info is saved as a comment in the file.
WLAN: Support for the cB-OWS451 module, update in Regulatory Domain (AT*AMRD) and Channels (AT*AGCL), Data Rate (AT*AGRTE).
WLAN: S-Registers Read and Write function added.
WLAN: Feature Mask (AT*AMRFM/AT*AMWFM) is replaced by ATS4006 (Keep Remote Peers).
WLAN: Scan (AT*AGSCAN?) now reports all found devices.



Official version 4.1 Release 
BT IO: Added iPhone/Android support. New Smart Phone tab for configuration. 
BT: New link policy 13 in the optimization tab.



Official version 4.0 Release
BT: Added iPhone/Android support. New Smart Phone tab for configuration.
BT: Possible to enable/disable the Data Mode command in the Basic Settings tab.
Bug fix when no COM ports are available.



Official 3.10 release
BT: PAN client/server profile added.
BT: Remake of extended data mode support.



Official 3.9 release
BT: Extended Data Mode extension.
BT IO: Added Configure ADC command in IO tab.



Official 3.8 release
BT: Extended support (AT*AGSM) for BT 2.1 security in Security tab (see Blueooth Serial Port Adapter Security document for details).
BT: Added Bond command (AT*AGB) in Security tab.
BT: Added Read/Write Service Name (AT*ADRSN/AT*ADWSN) in Server tab.
BT: Added Extended Inquiry (AT*AGI) button in Client tab.
All: Increased number of user commands in User Defines tab.



Official 3.7 release
BT: Additional support for BT 2.1 security in security tab.
Added User Defines tab for user specific AT commands.



Official 3.6 release
802.15.4 SPA is supported.
WLAN: AT*ANDHCP now has server/client parameter option.
All: New baud rates of 1.3 Mbits/s and 2.7 Mbits/s.
All: Minor bug fixes.
All: Automatic recognition of AT*ADDM (data mode) and
AT*AMWS (reset) if entered in console window.



Official 3.5 release
WLAN: Scan (AT*AGSCAN?) added to link tab.
WLAN: DNS (AT*ANDNS) added to network tab.
WLAN: Max Output Power (AT*AMMP) enabled in
optimization tab.
WLAN: Extended Watchdog command (AT*AMWS).
WLAN: Operational Mode Reserved is removed (AT*AGOM).
I2C: "Bluetooth I2C Bus Adapter" added as new product.
All: Minor bug fixes.



Official 3.4 release
WLAN: User Name added to Link tab (AT*AGUN).
WLAN: Authentication parameters modified.
WLAN: Encryption parameters modified.
WLAN: Possible to configure over TCP instead of COM.
WLAN: Bug fixes regarding ATE0, ATE1, ATS3, ATS4, ATS5.
WLAN: Support for RS232/RS422/RS485 (AT*AMRS).
BT: Support for FTP and OPP servers and clients.
BT: Additional default remote peer parameters.
BT: Additional feature mask for optimized buffer handling.
All: Possible to copy from console even if disconnected.



Official 3.3 release
WLAN: MTU Size moved from Link tab to Optimization tab.
WLAN: Max output power not available in Optimization tab.
WLAN: Data rate and link adaptation added to Link tab.
cBProduct-0702-01 (15)
WLAN: Echo server removed from Service tab.
WLAN: Regulatory domain added to Misc tab.
WLAN: General-purpose data added to Misc tab.
All: Status bar updated for new serial settings.



Official 3.2 release
WLAN: Added UDP Receiver command.
WLAN: Added feature bit mask command.
Bluetooth IO: Updated Read/Write Configuration command.



Official 3.1 release
Additional functionality for WLAN serial port adapter.
Minor bug fixes.



Internal 3.0 release.
For internal use only.