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Page: Apple iBeacon Support Application Note
Abstract This application note describes how to use iBeacon with the Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Port Modules OLS425/426 (also called Bluetooth Smart Modules OLS425/426). iBeacon is an Apple protocol …
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Page: Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Port Adapter - Getting Started
  Abstract This document describes how to use the connectBlue Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Port Adapter modules. The document does not describe Bluetooth low energy technology in detail and it is requi…
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Page: Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter AT Commands
  Table of Content Introduction Related Documents [1] Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter - Getting Started: describes the basic concepts and functionality of the connectBlue Serial Port Adapter products. […
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Page: cB-OLP425 cB-OLS425 cB-OLS426 Electrical Mechanical Data Sheet
Abstract This document describes the hardware characteristics of the connectBlue OEM Bluetooth Low Energy Platform cB-OLP425, OEM Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Port Adapter cB-OLS425 and cB-OLS426 produ…
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Page: cB-OLS425 cB-OLS426 Firmware
General Bluetooth Low Energy Serial Port Module™ firmware, cB-2245, supporting Bluetooth Smart device development. The firmware is valid for the following Serial Port Module™ models: OLS425 OLS426 If …
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Page: cB-OLS425 cB-OLS426 Throughput and Latency Optimizations Application Note
Abstract The throughput and latency between an OLS425/426 and a Bluetooth low energy device with central role are affected by, among other things, the connection parameters Connection interval and Con…
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Page: cB-OLS426 CAD 3D model
Abstract This document lists the downloadable 3D model CAD files to be used for mechanical design work of the connectBlue module OLS426. CAD files File type CAD file DXF IGS cB-OLS42…
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Page: connectBlue Low Energy Serial Port Service
Abstract In Bluetooth classic there is a serial port profile (SPP) that emulates a serial port over air. For Bluetooth Low Energy there is no such profile and thereby no standardised way of transferri…
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